Be careful where you sleep

Everyone who has owned a house has had a backyard but it’s up to the owner as to how it’s used. Some are happy to just to the compulsory trimming of the grass so as to not invite dangerous wildlife. It’s enough backbreaking labour to put you off the whole gardening venture if you’d prefer to stay indoors. Personally I use my backyard to get some fresh air but stay within reach of my toilet. The only times I venture away from the house are when I desperately need to; in other words, to the shops or to university. When it comes to the backyard it’s where the wheelie bins are and where the dog plays, that’s it. If you want to see samples of an amazing gardens, here is a great site you can visit to see their works.

There are aspects to a backyard that some may not realise it when they’re not using it to its fullest potential. People may be happy to never spend any time admiring what their own backyards have to offer but they may still be missing out. There’s just so much you can accomplish depending on the space and how much you’re legally allowed to do. Depending on your neighbourhood it can be a place of quiet respite and relaxation. If you have a plastic chair somewhere – probably in the shed you also rarely enter – you can pull it out, pull it up and sit back. After a few seconds of gentle – but safe – rocking, you’ll find yourself drifting off to sleep. By the time you wake up next, half the day will have been gone.

In fact, you don’t need a chair. Depending on the previous owners, there may be garden wall blocks which were built prior to your ownership. The grime and dirt aside, they provide a sturdy surface to rest against. Garden wall blocks that have been built properly can’t be shifted by extreme force and shouldn’t be able to be dislodged by wear and tear or weather. After all, they’re usually supposed to hold something together. How bad would it look if they got pushed over on one side and whatever they were containing spilled all over the place?

Just be careful when using garden wall blocks as substitute headboards. The ground is not a mattress so you’ll end up with a sore back if you spend several hours there. You could probably spend an hour reading if you stretched every chapter or so but sleeping would be a different matter. As mentioned the ground would likely be less than sanitary so you’d have to clean yourself up afterwards. During the hotter days you’d be a sitting duck for flies as well. Nothing worse than having an army of pests assault you all day.

You may be better off staying in bed as a result. At least you’ll be able to control the conditions and you won’t be in danger of accidentally getting locked out of the house.

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