Carpet cleaning methods and techniques

Carpets are a must have in almost all households. Many people will find that the look of their living rooms and bedrooms will be totally different without that carpet on the floor. They are designed to last long, a couple of years at least, and for them to achieve any longevity, they have to be maintained properly. Believe it or not, poor maintenance for some carpets gets them worn out faster than anyone would think. Understanding the nature of the carpet and the most suitable cleaning method is important for the carpet owner. Regular cleaning and maintenance keeps the carpet clean, leaves it long lasting and even preserves the warranty it carries. The following are the most common carpet cleaning techniques in the market. Take a look at this site, to learn more on carpet cleaning techniques.

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is the most common method offered by cleaning companies. In this technique, hot water is injected onto the carpet. This hot water is always mixed with cleaning detergents and chemicals. The injection happens at high velocity which works the hot water or steam into the fabric of the carpet. After the steam detergent mixture is sprayed onto the carpet, it mixes with the soil and dirt on the carpet. It is then vacuumed away using an extraction mechanism. While the cleaning method is standard, the extraction methods vary. 

The two main methods are portable and truck mounted extraction. Truck mounted ones are favored in some circles because of the superior strength of the vacuum. A Perth carpet cleaners using a truck mounted system can remove up to 95 per cent of the water in the carpet. This method is recommended by almost all industry carpet manufacturers, and leaves the carpet owner with very little need for drying. The heat of the steam used in the cleaning also kills harmful bacteria making it safe for the domestic setting. 

Despite the fact that extraction removes a lot of water, there still is the remaining five or so per cent of the moisture that remains. This seems to be the motivation for low moisture carpet cleaning techniques. There are three techniques a rug cleaner might use when considering low moisture methods. The dry foam method involves the spraying of foam onto the carpet. It could be worked in with a brush or machine. During the working in, the foam mixes with the dirt in the carpet. When it is vacuumed out, the carpet is clean and dry.

In the dry powder technique, dry cleaning powder is mixed with a little cleaning solution. It is then worked onto the carpet using a stiff brush after which it is given time to sit in and absorb the dirt. The mixture of the dry powder, cleaning solution and dirt is then vacuumed out with the carpet remaining clean and dry.

In the bonnet techniques, club soda is used where it is mixed with a cleaning solution and worked onto the carpet to absorb the dirt. The carpet is then scrubbed with an absorbent pad or rinsed. Low moisture techniques require little or no drying time, are cheaper and conserve water.

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